Attune to Health Fundraiser

Support BodyTalk Access Outreach in Indonesia

Manifesting Intention Year-Long Immersion

March 2016 - March 2017
12-month program in meditation, inner alchemy, and manifestation
with Shelley Poovey, AdvCBP

Awakening and Cultivating
Inner Wisdom

with BodyAttune Wellness


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BodyAttune Wellness

BodyAttune Wellness provides unique approaches to awakening and cultivating inner wisdom.
Personal Services provide established methods for approaching your wellness goals. Group programs offer a unique approach to developing your innate intuitive abilities using meditation and inner alchemy practices. Business Programs teach different ways to work with your business as a consciousness system. Services are available in-person, or remote via Phone or Skype. Read more.


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"Shelley is a highly skilled practitioner with extremely deep anatomical and metaphysical knowledge. She is also a fun, friendly, and caring individual who listens carefully and tailors her services specifically to the innate needs of her clients. She has a wonderful, easy, yet very precise teaching style that translates very complex information into practical, grounded, understandable steps. She meets you where you are, without judgment, and helps you get where you want to be. She is generous, professional, and real. Her background includes multiple modalities. I trust her guidance implicitly and recommend her highly."

− Toija Riggins

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